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Medical Injection MouldingCove Plastics’ injection molding services can be used to make custom parts for the medical industry. At Cove we understand the importance of quality materials in the medical field. We follow strict guidelines set up by the FDA with the expectation of high performance and reliability. The medical industry relies on these types of products for stability, tear protection, and insulating properties for sustainability.

At Cove we produce components for many medical devices such as valves, syringes, pacemakers, and gel pads for crash carts, joints in prosthetics, and surgical tools. These products are safe, more sanitary, and very cost effective when compared to the alternative metal components. Coves’ medical parts are also very lightweight yet sturdy. These components can be made in many colors, sizes, and forms. They are made with a resistance to chemicals, substantial heat, abrasion, and solvents that meet and exceed all medical specifications. They can also be made in small batch quantities or large orders. Our custom product specifications range in hardness from 5A to 85D. These products will outperform rubber, wood, and plastic parts.

Custom Medical PartsMedical Injection Moulding

  • Blood Vials and Transfer Carriers
  • Contact Lens Cases
  • Digi Prep. Container
  • Medicine Dose Cups
  • Pharmaceutical Petri Dishes
  • Slide Testing Vials
  • Specimen Vials
  • Swab Tubes
  • Urine Drug Testing Kit
  • Cream Applicator
  • Vitamin Flip Top Closure

With over 20 years’ experience Coves team takes pride in our ability to manufacture the highest quality product on the market. We use the latest technology for design and top of the line machine tools for production to ensure the product is exactly what you are looking for.

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